Frequently Asked Questions


When should I contact you to discuss the flowers for my event?

It depends on your wedding date. For the busiest time of year ( May/ June and September/ October) the earlier you contact us the better.  8-10 months before your wedding date is usually sufficient to secure our services. However, quite often our clients will contact us to begin the process up to 12 months before the event.   We have pulled a rabbit out of the hat on last minute event situations before, but its always wise to not put off booking your date with us for too long!


What is your service area?

Accent Floral Design serves the Indianapolis area and neighboring counties.  For an additional fee, we also   travel statewide as well as offer  long distance destination services too! ( Anyone up for a Hawaiian Wedding?!!!)   Im ALL for it!   Id be HAPPY to string your wedding flower leis on the beaches of Maui! 


Do you offer other decor items besides flowers?

We are happy to offer a wide variety of rental decor items.   Vases in many shapes and sizes,  hurricanes, candelabras in assorted sizes,   mercury glass,  votive holders,  rustic wooden boxes,  wood slices,  aisle decor stakes and hooks,  carriage lanterns,  variety of branches,  candles in pillar or votive sizes - both real and battery operated.    We also can supply fabric to drape areas desired, as well as an assortment of ribbons to match whatever your desired color scheme.


How much does your typical wedding cost?  Do you offer " Wedding Packages"

This is the KING DADDY of questions.  Its very hard to put a " typical" wedding number out there to prospective clients.   Reason being,  all flowers are priced differently.  A wedding that consists of a variety of roses and hydrangeas is going to differ  in costs from one with orchids and gardenias, etc.   There  are also many  variations in the numbers of the wedding party who carry  and wear flowers- to the number of guest tables for the reception guest table centerpieces.   Will there be flowers up by the Altar? Or by the  stage , or  on the  cake? The list is long and I find each wedding is quite unique these days.  No two are alike!  Since no two are alike, we simply do not offer the " wedding package"    Accent Floral Design LLC is all about creating YOUR custom vision for your very special day!


I live out of town/ away at college or work/   How can I go about getting a quote to book the date?

We've conquered this situation before many times!  Thanks to Skype, FaceTime and other types of online wizardry,  its MUCH easier to have a long distance consultation.  *Longest distance Bride to date is Vietnam- FaceTime !!!   When we meet online, we  always make sure to be in  the Studio,  this way you can view the rentals on hand as well as what we might possibly have in our cooler.  After our session/ consultation,  we  will then  email you a detailed proposal. Based on the feedback and budget we agree on~  a deposit  and contract will need to be retained to book your date.   Its SO much easier thanks to technology!


Have you worked at my venue before?

Accent Floral Design is proud to have worked at many of the Indianapolis and surrounding county event venues.  We probably have photos of a wedding we have done in your desired venue.  But if we have not worked at your venue before, we would be happy to go on a site review with you !


I feel like I will need help in choosing flowers and designs. Who should I bring with me to our design consultation?

Your fiancé , a friend, a family member or someone else that knows the style and look of your wedding can be very helpful when making decisions.  But we  stress to please limit the number of people you decide to bring to our meeting to two.  Everyone has an opinion and too many people with opinions can make our appointment quite long and confusing for you.


Can you tell me a bit more about what to expect from our consultation?

Our typical consultation lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes.  We discuss the entire wedding in depth to reveal what your true desired floral decor style is.  Images you might want to share are always welcomed, as well as swatches and any personal items you may want to incorporate for event.  If you feel like a deer in the headlights ( who does not  know the name of a single flower outside of a rose)  do NOT worry about it!  People dont go out and order wedding flowers for themselves every day!   We are  happy to guide you as best we can within your projected budget.  If you aren't sure of where you want to go on your budget,   by the end of the consultation you will have a good idea of what you like. Our detailed proposal will help you navigate where  you want to add or trim back.  Our  goal after we meet is to get the  proposal to you within one weeks time.  * During high wedding season-  We may need to stretch out the return time on your proposal.



Click here to learn more about Accent Floral Design & our floral process!

Click here to learn more about Accent Floral Design & our floral process!